While I’m thinking of it….

Please, please, please, friends, make sure you have applied for all the tax exemptions available to you on the property you own! If you have a home loan, your loan payments will have property tax payments rolled into them, but this does not mean that you can ignore those notices from your taxing districts. Make sure you have the homestead exemption, the senior citizen exemption, the disability exemption; whatever applies to you. You must take the initiative to apply to your county for these.

In Texas, January 1 of the year following the year you bought the house you live in…. that’s when you can apply for a homestead exemption on your taxes. You have a few months in which to do this before that year’s deadline passes. Remember, it is always the year following the year in which you made the purchase.

“I applied for my homestead exemption in Feb. and it is going to save me a ton on my property taxes.” -Freckles

Find your county’s Central Appraisal District website and follow the instructions for exemptions there. For example, here on the Hays site are frequently-asked questions about exemptions:

Hays Central Appraisal District frequently-asked questions

The other important thing to do is later in the year, when you get your property appraisal from the county, check with a Realtor for comparable homes that have recently sold, and with your neighbors to see if everyone’s new appraisals are rising together, or if there are disparities. If it makes sense, by all means, submit solid evidence that your appraisal is higher than it should be and get your property taxes lowered. I can help you with finding comparable homes that have sold recently.

You can find me at 512-970-9121.

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