The Poll

I‘ve been polling people, including forever-clients, on what is hardest about being a first-time home-buyer. I am getting a consistent answer: all the information that flies at you thick and fast. It is TOO MUCH to take in.

In the interest of spreading out the flood of information into more manageable streams, I will blog about the process so that you can read and share with others in advance of actual home-buying.

From my perspective, the difficulties come at four different points in the process of home-buying.

  1. Getting ready to look at homes. (Yes, there is so much more to getting ready than looking at Zillow)
  2. Understanding home loans (unless you are making a cash offer).
  3. Knowing how to assess the problem areas that will surely be revealed after you are under contract and in the option period with a drop-deadline.
  4. Working with your lender from having a contract signed by all parties until you leave the title company feeling like you just signed your life away, yet holding keys to your very own new home.

If you have questions you want me to address, now is a great time to ask them. My next post will address Point #1 above. Email questions to, or leave them in the comments section.

Meanwhile, here is a calming kitty picture from my mosaic studio. You’re welcome.


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