Cat Client

I enjoy talking with clients and future clients about their pets and the process of moving. For many people, the pets are an afterthought, but for me, they are an integral part of your family. Their comfort has a direct impact on your comfort, that’s for sure!


For cat’s moving day, I recommend a healthy dose of either cat pheromone spray (happy spray) on their cat carrier and bedding, or a few sprays of catnip on the same. Both of these are available at any pet supply, and you might want to think about using them on a regular basis for stressful times in the life of your cat.


Today is moving day for this happy client. She has discovered stairs and I think she is gonna love them. Cats are so satisfied with themselves when they can race up and down carpeted stairs at top speed. And these stairs change direction at the landing- even better!

Her service-human will close the cat and her litter box and bedding securely in the bathroom when the moving truck arrives.

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