Interior Color


Paint color trends from The Spruce

The photo above is one of the photos used in the linked article above. The deep color on the walls looks luxurious, but is not overwhelming because of the white rug, trim, furniture, and ample natural light falling on the room.

Two personal stories for you:

  1. When we had three young children at home, I was always dreaming up ways of making our home more appealing (to me), and more usable for the family. After adding on a master bedroom and doing a lot of the work ourselves, we were down to the wall-painting part of the deal. I had chosen what I call “1940’s lawn furniture green”, which was a rich color. The room could support it, though, because it was lined with windows and plenty of white woodwork. I was standing in the other end of the house when I heard our eldest daughter say, “Daddy, why are you painting the room that color?” I laughed at my husband’s serious answer, “Because your mother went to art school.”
  2. Years later, different house. I had been contemplating our front room/entry hall for some time. I think it was designed to be a living room, but it was quite small for a home that was 4000 square feet. We used it for various purposes throughout our years in that home, and at this point, it was an office, with a cherry-finished L-shaped desk and credenza. I needed some excitement in that room, so one day when my husband came home from the office, I said, “Can you help me move this desk, please? I have decided to paint this wall purple.” And you know what he said? “Let me go get a phillips screwdriver to take apart the desk.” That was all!  By the way, in that same house, we went through 5 different paint colors in the dining room, including mustard yellow, before my friend landed on a soft green for us.

What paint stories do you have?


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