Functional Friday- a Pop-up Bed

If you have a small home, or you have a double- or even triple-use room, there’s nothing like a drop-down Murphy bed to provide a comfortable mattress and a good night’s sleep for a guest, or yourself. And, it becomes part of the background the rest of the time. In fact, I have one in my home office that has integrated cabinetry and bookshelf.

There are two types of drop-down bed: they both use springs and a counter-balance method to fold a mattress from flat against the wall to horizontal sleeping space. One is a flat-panel look and the flat panel folds forward to support the mattress. The other is a folding-door look; the doors fold open and the bed inside is pulled down from the wall. There are even folding-door styles which have bookshelves integrated into the doors, which either slide or fold out the way of the bed.

We (meaning my handy husband) have built two, and we actually uninstalled them both from one house and transported them and reinstalled them in a new house. Rockler Woodworking has a kit which includes the gas springs, hardware, a plan, and video instructions for building your own, which is what we did AND lived to tell about it.

Here is a photo of one of them when it was in its first location. I, being artsy and all, painted an abstract design on the front for my own entertainment.

Lynn_2013 07 22_0528.jpg

This same pull-down bed now sports attached bookcases on each side.

Before we built our two Murphys, we considered buying from More Space Place in Austin, which has a lot of different styles to blend with various decors.

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