Terrestrial Tuesday- What’s My Commute Time?

terrestrial adj. relating to the earth, or land

Don’t we all start noticing geography when we are planning our next drive? Do we want the fastest, the shortest, or the most scenic route? Sometimes, we focus on the route which, for a variety of reasons, is the least personally annoying.

Your daily commute, if you have one, is something we can take into account when we are looking for your new home. The local multiple listing service (MLS) buys a program called DriveTime® from a company named Inrix. It uses the same GPS information that mapping programs use, gleaned from our cell phones, to map likely drive times according to desired arrival time.

Below is a map I created based on these criteria: address of destination (which happens to be a church), desired time of daily arrival, which I set for 8:45 am, and maximum amount of time I want to spend driving, which I set at 30 minutes. The map shows the (blue) areas in which I should look for a home if I work at this church and want to spend no more than 30 minutes commuting in the morning.

I can also calculate the evening commute in the opposite direction. Furthermore, I can overlay two different commutes on the map, so that two people in the same household will have their own commute map, and we can see the area where the two maps overlap. THAT’S the sweet spot in which we’ll look for their new home.

We all know that driving in a congested urban area is no fun, but we can take your personal preferences and use them to find the best solution for your commute problem.

By the way, I have been known to pick the most scenic route locally, rather than the fastest route. It feeds my spirit and lessens my personal annoyance at the traffic.

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