Functional Friday- A Real Custom Home

Functional Friday- This day is reserved for home design, home décor, and tips for organizing.


This week, I visited a sample custom home in Driftwood, Texas and listened to builder representatives explain the custom home building process. The company is Hill Country Artisan Homesand it is a division of Pacesetter Homes, which is a Qualico company out of Canada.

My most basic take-aways for you are:

  1. Look for financial stability in the home builder! You don’t want to get part-way through the process and find that the builder has gone belly-up, taking your monetary advances along into bankruptcy.
  2. Look at the resources of the home builder. The higher-quality and more reliable the vendors of materials and the building crews are, the more likely you are to get the best prices that the builder has negotiated, and even to get a completed product ON TIME.
  3. How well does the company communicate? Especially if you are building a new home in another state or city from where you are currently living, you’ve got to have timely and thorough communication from your builder.

The builder I visited with this week builds truly custom homes, either from your own plans with your own architect, or starting from select plans in their portfolio and working with an independent architect that the builder regularly works with. In this particular subdivision, The Preserve at La Ventana, the subdivision covenant states that no two homes may have the same floor plan or design. The lot sizes start at 1.5 acres and the home-with-lot prices start at about $600,000.

The first meeting with the client is reserved for asking the client lots of questions to narrow down lifestyle needs, including access for now and in the future, hobbies, specialty items, etc., and to find out which style the client is attracted to. At this stage, no one even looks at a floor plan. This is the ‘discovery phase’.

If you want more detailed information than I can give in a short blog post, I’ll be happy to share what I learned. Just email me at, or give me a call at 512-970-9121.

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