Wardship Wednesday- The Spring Maintenance Short List

Wardship n. protectorship, guardianship, management.

Wednesdays will be about your home and garden- tips, tricks, advice. Today’s post is a reminder to care for your most expensive investment.

You can Google ‘spring home maintenance list’, as I did, and come up with plenty of ideas. At the end of this post, I include links to several lists I think are worthwhile reading. But, look, I’m not gonna lie… I have met only a handful of people in my whole life who have the perseverance to follow a maintenance checklist and get it all done each year.

Here’s a principle you can rely on: water and sun, along with their friends, bugs and fire and wind, are constantly trying to destroy your home, so do what it takes to prevent that from happening.

  1. Paint protects stuff from sun.
  2. Roofing material, physical overlapping, caulk and sealant, gutters, and slope away from the foundation all protect stuff from water.
  3. Bonus: Uncluttered spaces; intact doors and walls; and furnace, air-conditioner, and dryer vent inspections guard against fire.
  4. Bonus: Trees trimmed away from the roof prevents mechanical damage, and plant material not touching the walls and foundation provides little access for bugs.

There, that’s it. Just look up on your roof (binoculars and a drone help), walk around your house and use your eyes, use your nose, whatever you have, to observe what is important to fix. Call a handyman company, call an HVAC company, WHATEVER, and don’t let nature take out your investment, if you can help it!

Here are a few useful lists to read:




ultimate spring home maintenance checklist





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