Your Move and Your Pets, Part 1


So, you’ve decided to move. Caution: big changes ahead!!!

Selling a home and moving is always more work than we think it is. Even with the smoothest of transactions, there is still a lot of upheaval for the people in the household. Our pets want us to know that they are feeling stressed, too!

If we want our home sale to go as well as possible, we MUST plan ahead to keep the pets as emotionally and physically secure as possible. Having a plan takes a load off the people.

We have cats at our house, and being the emotional creatures that they are, cats can freak out at even small changes in their environment or routine, and disrupt a perfectly staged house faster than anything. The lovely animal in the photo above will eat any plant in the house, whether natural or fake, and throw up the leaves afterward.

This isn’t hard to remember under ordinary circumstances, but when staging a home to look inviting for potential buyers, it would be super-easy to forget the cat’s predilections and place cut flowers in strategic places. BAD MISTAKE!

Or, when rushing to get knick-knacks packed away and out of sight, it would be sooooo easy to leave a plastic bag lying out where this tuxedo lovely could get it:


Here is a partial list of pet challenges I work out with sellers ahead of putting their house on the market.

  1. Pet safety when readying house for market.
  2. Being intentional about addressing the pet’s feelings.
  3. Securing, or even better, removing pets from the house before showings.
  4. Stain and odor removal.
  5. Planning pet transportation to the new home.
  6. Readying the new home for the pets.

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