If I Could Give an A+ on Angie’s List…

My friend contacted me the other day with an interesting question. Could a double-deep residential lot be subdivided in an Austin neighborhood?

lot lines represented by food

Here’s the situation represented by food (bird’s eye view): the marshmallows are the approximate footprint of the current house; the spaghetti are lot lines, both lots belonging to one parcel; the chocolate, which may or may not have been nibbled, represents the street.

Is it possible to develop or sell the back lot?

City of Austin has a website to help answer such questions. But, it makes me cross-eyed. So, there is this really handy human interface called the Development Assistant Center that helps me keep my cool.

Friend and I took a field trip to the Development Assistant Center this morning, and we found the waiting area rather occupied. I had visions of a several-hour wait before we could be helped! Nope.

One relaxed conversation later, we were called into the office area of Michelle Casillas, a Senior Planner. She checked the zoning (single-family 3 in a “P” overlay). All lots must have access to a public street, yes? Well, this one only has access through the lot which fronts onto the street. That’s OK, IF… there are 20 feet of space between a structure and the side edge of the property for access to the back lot. (This stretch of 20-by-something land is called a ‘flag’.) 🇺🇸

This particular lot does not have enough width between the house and lot line for a flag. However, it might surprise you to know that, inside this particular zoning of SF3P, a duplex, or even a separate domicile can be built, IF both homes are in a condominium regime. The city has nothing to do with a condominium regime. You go to a development attorney to get that drawn up.

The field trip to the development office wasn’t entirely good news for my friend, but we were treated respectfully and served quickly and efficiently. A really nice experience.

If I could rate the City of Austin Development Assistant Center on Angie’s List, I would give it an A+. Thank you, city government.

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