Austin-area Action Past 7 Days

Little house

We are talking residential market here, Folks.

852 residences newly on the market in our Multiple Listing Service area

429 residences already on the market which have decreased prices in the past week

103 residences already on the market which have…wait for it…. PRICE INCREASES

149 residences which were temporarily off the market, but have been put back on

42 residences which have a contract on them, the closing of which is contingent on something else happening, like the buyers selling another piece of property first

869 residences pending– They have a contract on them and are moving through the process towards a closing. (Notice how few residences are “contingent” compared with “pending”. Not very many sellers are interested in accepting an offer that is contingent on ANYTHING else happening before the closing.)

514 residences sold this past 7 days.

There were no leases through the MLS.

84 residential properties were withdrawn from the market.

24 residential properties on the market expired, meaning that the lengths of listing times agreed to by the agents and sellers has now passed on each of 24 properties, and the listing now goes bye-bye. Not very many properties unsold here, compared with the 514 that did sell. Time to assess why these properties did not sell in the desired time!

55 residences temporarily off market. Remember those 149 residences back on market? Yeah, well, residences are temporarily taken off the market for a variety of reasons, including responding to comments from potential buyers about the condition of the property by installing new kitchen counters or some such, or taking the property off the market to accommodate a big family reunion happening in the home over a period of time.



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