Selling the Home ‘Blues’, or….

IMG_0103 (2)

Lots of neighborhoods in Austin are in transition… BIG transition. As in, the long-beloved homes are being purchased, but only for their locations, and then <BAM!!!>, the bulldozers come in and scrape the lots in preparation for completely new builds. Homes outdated, homes replaced.

It is happening in Crestview, in Allandale, in Barton Hills, and Zilker, to name a few. Most people absolutely hate the idea that they will sell their beloved home only to have it torn down and replaced by something modern.

However, I have a friend who is contemplating selling her home to purchase something more suitable for the way she lives her life now, and she has a completely different perspective.

She really likes the idea that her family might be the last to live in this home- that perhaps no other family will inhabit the place where so many of her family memories were made. She thinks that having someone move in on her memories is more unsettling than the idea that someone might buy the home and tear it down, replacing it with a brand-new one that has nothing to do with her or her family.

I was intrigued. How do you feel about this? Does this idea work for you?


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