To Stair, or Not To Stair

stairsMaster suites- do they belong upstairs as private, in the tree-tops getaways? Or, do you prefer yours on the first floor, close to the kitchen and other living areas?

Here’s a quote from Realtor Magazine this month: “Frank Betz Associates’ data of its top 100 floorplans shows a slight increase in the number of two-story designs with the master suite upstairs from 2013 to 2014 (14 percent vs. 15 percent, respectively) but its number of one-story floorplans rose by two percentage points. The majority of its best-selling floorplans feature accessible master suites that have no steps to enter, Segers says.”

Hmmmm…. the current preference for main-level master suites continues, so older homes that have master bedrooms and baths on the second floor are frequently ‘dinged’ by buyers turned off by this arrangement. But, here’s something to consider:

If you have family members who want to stay up late and raid the kitchen while having dance parties in the family room, you might welcome having that escape-in-the-treetops when you want to get away from the noise.

And don’t forget, as long as you have the ability to climb up and down stairs, it’s a great way to burn a few extra calories every single trip. Sounds to me like permission for an extra bonbon every once in awhile!



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