Basic Tools That Work for You


Late yesterday afternoon, I used these feet to walk around the neighborhood where I’m holding an open house on Saturday. I was walking up to doors that were reachable, ringing the bells, and inviting anyone who answered to the open house. Pretty primitive, right?

Guess what? It works! People are often happy to have a friendly face ask them if they know anyone they’d like to have as a new neighbor. They are happy to give a little thought to whether or not they know anyone who has talked about moving into their neighborhood. Or, if they know of anyone anywhere who is thinking about buying or selling.

The thing is, people often don’t go Realtor®-shopping when they need one. (They should!) People often choose the real estate agent who appears in front of them just when they need a real estate agent. I might as well be that agent that <💥POOF> appears exactly when you need me. And, with a home that you want to buy in a location you love.

So… in addition to using my FONE, I use my feet.

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