Fone is My Friend

On phone

Here’s my life: connecting with you and your friends to figure out 1) which one of you needs help with real estate in the near future, 2) if I’m the one who can help, and 3) if I can refer you to someone else who can help.

That’s it. Really, my office is the world. I can ask you these questions from anywhere, but today I’m doing it from my home office. In my fuzzy vest. And no makeup.

Today, in a lead-up to hosting an open house on a new home this Saturday, I am calling the neighbors around that open house to see if any of them know friends or relatives who have expressed interest in moving into the neighborhood.

Sometimes agents will talk among themselves and call the nosy neighbors ‘lookie-lookies’. But you know what? I rely on all you nosy neighbors out there in neighborhood-land to help me find someone to buy a great house in a great neighborhood. I am rather fond of nosy neighbors because they are motivated to find their own great new neighbors.

How may I help you with your real estate needs?


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