Underneath It All

Sky photo for blog

My first post here, and I have a photo of… countryside??? Context, it’s the context. This is the hill country on which half of Austin and many surrounding towns is built. The limestone foundation of this world is honeycombed with caves and covered with thin, alkaline soil supporting a fragile ecosystem.

Hint for homeowners: if you have a lot of trees that look like the one on the left,

IMG_1670best replace them with native live oaks, cedar elms, or another native tree well-adapted to the thin soil and dry conditions. The orange-tinged evergreen in the picture is a juniper, usually called ‘cedar’, and it sucks up water like nobody’s business.

The male trees also emit pollen in the winter, and lots of people are allergic to it. Almost 20 years old now, but revealing many Texas Hill Country secrets, is the Texas Monthly article on the subject of “The War on Cedar“. For further information on junipers and our landscape, read about and visit Bamberger Ranch Preserve.

What’s growing in your yard? 

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